• The 12th Annual Seoul KOTESOL Conference / Sookmyung Women’s University / April 24, 2016
    • “Have You Flipped Yet?” – 10-minute Takeaway Session
      [Abstract] Do your students complain they do not have enough time to practice what they learn in class? Do you want to give your students more immediate, quality feedback as they do their work instead of leaving them to struggle and feel discouraged? Do you wish there was a way to give your students access to your lessons whenever, wherever, so they can learn your lessons more comfortably and spend time really understanding what you want them to? This session will introduce what a Flipped Classroom (FC) is, how it can help address these issues, as well as how the presenter implemented it in a Korean university four skills course. The benefits over traditional classroom design as well as potential issues and some solutions will also be discussed. Finally, the presenter will give a few suggestions to teachers on how to implement FC into their own teaching.