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Why I Don’t Give Study Guides (and What I Do Instead)

Back in the day, I vaguely remember the night before a test (or the thirty minutes prior somewhere near the classroom), eyes furiously scanning over a single note card or a well-handled stack of papers, trying to cram every detail I could into my mind just to regurgitate it on the test and never have… Continue reading Why I Don’t Give Study Guides (and What I Do Instead)


What I Have Learned From Assigning Group Work

My third semester at university is coming to an end and the projects and presentations along with it. In my academic English class which happened to be flipped (learning at home and work in class), production skills were focused on in class. As such, I gave a group presentation + essay as their semester project.… Continue reading What I Have Learned From Assigning Group Work


Dear Administrators – After the Observation

Many EFL teachers start out on a different path, not expecting to becomes teacher. They come ill prepared to teach English to students in a school setting, often left to fend from themselves. Administrators, however, have amazing power to turn the caliber of each teacher around. Pernille Rip really expresses it perfectly. I hope to… Continue reading Dear Administrators – After the Observation

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Less Talk, More Action.

I have been listening to this podcast called Masters of TESOL since it was introduced to me last week. It has great quality, thought-provoking guest interviews on real topics that would interest any EFL teacher or linguist. In episode six, Stephen van Vlack speaks on teaching language through brain-based approaches that take into consideration how the human brain learns… Continue reading Less Talk, More Action.