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“Teacher, Why Do English Speakers Speak So Fast?”

This past week, I overheard some Korean teachers I had the pleasure of spending time with talking. One older gentleman says, "They speak so fast!" So I asked if he meant English speakers. He said he did. I suggested he just needed to get used to the language with practice, it does get easier. He… Continue reading “Teacher, Why Do English Speakers Speak So Fast?”

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How I Design My Assessments

Maybe some of this is pretty obvious, especially to more seasoned teachers, but a recent request from a colleague sparked a personal reflection into how I approach my test design. This is the first semester with a new book for the academic English class at my university. As a result, this semester all the professors… Continue reading How I Design My Assessments

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Reading Quiz Challenge! Activity | Four Skills

Normally, reading is a somewhat solitary activity. Students may answer comprehension questions from a book or teacher about the contents of the reading. They may also encounter it again on the test, but this is usually about it. I love reading and as a teacher, I want to make it more fun and interactive for… Continue reading Reading Quiz Challenge! Activity | Four Skills

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Presentation/Speeches | Reflection

I teach required English Conversation classes at my university. The students are not English majors, but their majors are related to the medical fields as I teach at a medical university. This is important because I do not teach students whose primary focus is the English language but having good English skills will be beneficial… Continue reading Presentation/Speeches | Reflection

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Less Talk, More Action.

I have been listening to this podcast called Masters of TESOL since it was introduced to me last week. It has great quality, thought-provoking guest interviews on real topics that would interest any EFL teacher or linguist. In episode six, Stephen van Vlack speaks on teaching language through brain-based approaches that take into consideration how the human brain learns… Continue reading Less Talk, More Action.

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I Asked My South Korean Students How To Study, And…

...their answers were not at all what I expected. South Korean students are some of the hardest working, if not the hardest working, group of students in the world. They are known for their hours of dedication to their studies, often spending more time with teachers and books than with their family on any given… Continue reading I Asked My South Korean Students How To Study, And…